The Museum of Printing History was founded in 1979 by Raoul Beasley, Vernon P. Hearn, Don Piercy, and J. V. Burnham, four printers with passions for preserving their vast collections and sharing them with the community. It was chartered in 1981 and had its official opening in 1982 with Dr. Hans Halaby, Director of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany, cutting the ribbon.

The mission of the Museum is to promote, preserve, and share the knowledge of printed communication and art as the greatest contributors to the development of the civilized world and the continuing advancement of freedom and literacy.

Featured in the July 2006 issue of Texas Highways, the Museum is described as “a honeycomb of intimate gallery spaces…with a stunning collection of objects and artifacts devoted to the history, science, and art of printing.” The portrait of the Museum concludes with the observation that “printed text may be taken for granted these days, but a visit to the Museum of Printing History somehow makes it seem magical once again.”


The Museum of Printing History wishes to thank the following foundations and corporations for their generous support:

  • Houston Endowment
  • Wortham Foundation
  • Houston Arts Alliance
  • Brown Foundation
  • Bauer Foundation
  • Simmons Foundation
  • Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
  • National Endowment of the Humanities
  • Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Hamman Foundation
  • Cameron Foundation
  • Knox Foundation
  • Humanities Texas
  • Exxonmobil Foundation
  • Heidelberg USA
  • The Houston Chronicle and Hearst Direct
  • Que Imaging
  • Graphic Chemical
  • Copy.Com
  • InfoVine
  • Clampitt Paper

Board of Directors

Chair: Jerry J. Waite , Ed.D., University of Houston
Chair Emeritus: Tom B. Eaton , Eaton Manufacturing Co.
1st Vice-Chairman: Tom B. Eaton , Eaton Manufacturing Co.
2nd Vice-Chairman: Margrit Young-Zellweger , Honorary Consul General, Switzerland
Secretary: A. John Harper III , Attorney
Treasurer: John Earles , Workhorse Printmakers
Treasurer Emeritus: J.V. Burnham , Community Volunteer
Charles Eskridge , Susman Godfrey LLP
Caroline Graham , Community Volunteer
Brian Hodge , Nuance Marketing
Thomas Hull , Rigsby Hull
Angel Jimenez , Community Volunteer
Nicolas Kanellos , Ph.D., Arte Publico Press
Jon Kissau , Houston Chronicle
Wea Lee , Southern Newspaper Group
Astrid Marklund , Honorary Consul General, Sweden
Donald Ray Morrison , Ph.D., Rice University

Advisory Directors

William C. Blackwood , Community Volunteer
Karen Burke , Texas Monthly
Shannon Chapin , The Houston Chronicle
Martha Justice , Community Volunteer
Anita Kiperman , Lecturer Emeritus, Rice University
Gene McDavid , The Houston Chronicle
Frank Romano , RIT Professor Emeritus
Richard O. Wilson , Engineer