The Printing Museum features printmaking and letterpress studios, a papermaking studio, and a book bindery. These are operated and maintained by resident artists, volunteers (Guild Members), and visiting artists.

The Vernon P. Hearn Print Maker’s Studio houses two 1830’s star wheel stone lithopresses, and early 20th century proof press, and a late 19th century engraving press.

The A.V. Emmott Bookbinder’s Studio displays book binding tools and bound volumes in various stages of creation. Visitors can observe the processes of paper cutting, stitching and binding, and the cutting and application of leather, lettering and gold leaf.

The Raoul Barton Beasley Letterpress Studio houses the Anita and Edward Bader type collections and numerous presses and equipment for traditional letterpress production.

The Papermaking Studio is a production area fitted with contemporary equipment for making paper by hand. The Museum periodically offers classes in papermaking and paper marbling.